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Bonus Rocks Off 100: Clint Broussard, Blues In Hi-Fi Man Now Back On FM

Welcome to the Rocks Off 100, our portrait gallery of the most compelling profiles and personalities in the far-flung Houston music community -- a lot more than just musicians, but of course they're in there too.

Who? If you're a fan of Texas R&B radio, and you definitely should be, there is no greater compliment than to compare Clint Broussard's Blues In Hi-Fi to Paul Ray's Twine Time. The latter program ran for years and years and years Saturday eveninngs on Austin's KUT-FM, with Ray -- himself a key figure in Austin's '70s blues scene with his group the Cobras -- mixing solid gold oldies, regionally-oriented classics and ultra-rarities, all in the name of soul.

Broussard works that same kind of Gulf Coast groove on Blues In Hi-Fi. A Nederland native whose dad went to Port Arthur's Thomas Jefferson High School with Janis Joplin and ex-NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, he did his Wednesday-night show on KTRU for 12 years until the Rice-owned station's signal and transmitter was bought and transferred to the University of Houston, which now operates the station as KUHA Classical 91.7. Surely you remember that whole mess, which still wasn't as awful as the serious car accident that Broussard mercifully survived in April 2011.

Next Monday, Blues in Hi-Fi goes back on the air, at 6 p.m. on KPFT 90.1 FM, after the syndicated Pacifica network show previously in its spot (Uprising) ceased production. Broussard's program hadn't really gone anywhere, joining many other KTRU shows on one of KPFT's HD channels, but the 14th is his first time back on the FM airwaves. Right now it's only an hour long, but he says if all goes well, he could get bumped back to two hours. In any case, he sounds awfully glad to be back.

"Being a music 'dork,' it's nice to share a passion with people that choose to listen," Broussard says. "I still love to learn with my audience; yet I'm so happy to share what I've learned over the years with them. I am, simply, a record collector who enjoys sharing his passion with anyone who'll tolerate it.

"I'm also very humbled by the kindness and sincerity the people of this city have shown me," he adds.

Broussard estimates he owns 3,000 LPs and the same number of 45s, "at least." It's alphabetized according to genre and year as well, with selections from just about all of Houston's finest wax merchants.

"I typically buy records at Cactus, Sound Exchange, Black Dog, Heights Vinyl, Vinal Edge, Sig's Lagoon, or Half Price Books," Broussard lists, careful not to leave anyone out. "I try to not do so much online buying. I'd rather keep my money in the community. Houston is SO LUCKY to have so many local record stores."

Home Base: "Well, after having not been on the radio in at least a year and a half, I am honored to say that a few places have had me DJ and help keep my name and interests in the fold," Broussard says. "I've spun at Cactus, Leon's Lounge, and Poison Girl. All three places continue to keep local DJs working, and relevant!

"The Ginger Man has had me do many events as well," he adds. "I'm so thankful to all of these places. I hang out in all of them. My typical haunts are Under the Volcano, The Ginger Man, Poison Girl, Leon's Lounge, Blanco's, The Big Easy, and occasionally at Big Star Bar and/or Fitzgerald's."

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