Bottom Shakefest

No one we spoke to at Last Concert Cafe seems quite sure what the significance of "2nd Annual Bottom Shakefest and Fall (down)" is or what exactly it means, but what they are sure of is that longtime Houston roots-rocker Larry (LL) Cooper will be on hand with his band. Cooper has recently relocated to Lago Vista outside Austin, but his band mates are all here, so there shouldn't be anything too surprising about Cooper's show. Guests include Cactus Music salesman Tody Castillo, who has been working on new material and is due a new album to follow up his well-received Independence Day. Shakefest (or whatever) will also serve as a CD release for longtime Houston singer-songwriter Lisa Novak, who has teamed with former Houstonian Rich Hopkins on the rootsy Loveland. Closing out will be Dr. Rick and the Burners, a good-time cover band headed by Dr. Rick Patt, a regular at Dan Electro's blues jam and the Big Easy. Teri Greene usually sits in with the Burners, so guitar sparks will fly.

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William Michael Smith