Broken Promises: 5 Albums That Will Probably Never Be Released

Kevin Shields is at it again. Quickly becoming the Axl Rose of indie rock, the shoegaze star of My Bloody Valentine is back to promising a new MBV album. In fact, he's guaranteeing that it's going to come out this year. For those keeping track at home, that gives him about six weeks and a handful of days to release the album, which would be the band's first since the classic Loveless in 1991.

Shields has been making promises like this for years (hence the old Axl Rose/Chinese Democracy reference up there), but people still hold out hope for a new record. Why? Because Loveless was just that damn good. We're willing to give a lot of slack to people who have made our favorite records. That's why we're still waiting on so many other albums that we've been promised that are probably never, ever coming out. Ever.

5. Ghostface Killah & MF DOOM, Swift and Changeable

This one was first announced in 2006. At that time it was supposedly 75 percent done. So that last 25 percent has taken six years to get around to finishing. So far we've heard exactly two songs supposedly from the album, one of which made its way onto DOOM's 2009 album Born Like This instead and the other which showed up as a remix on a mixtape.

But neither man has let it die. As recently as September, DOOM was saying that the album will be his focus very soon -- after he gets finished with a new Madvillain record. By the way, their last one that wasn't a remix album was in 2004. So yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

4. Roger Waters, Heartland

Roger Waters has been teasing us and teasing us for years. He took an extended break from touring and recording in the early '90s, which was fine. Let the man have his break. But then he came back and started performing live again and has been working hard at that ever since.

So I think it was safe to assume he would record a new album at that point, yes? Instead, we've gotten a handful of soundtrack appearances and one-off singles, an opera (which is never a good idea, see: McCartney, Paul for further details), and more promises of new music coming... just as soon as he finishes another huge tour for The Wall. Come on, Rog. We don't care that you can't sing anymore, just give us new music.

3. The Avalanches, Untitled Second Album

The Avalanches first released their groundbreaking electronic album Since I Left You in 2000. If you're good with math, you know that means it's been 12 years since they've released an album and electronic music, which changes so rapidly, is virtually unrecognizable now.

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That hasn't stopped the Avalanches from plotting and working on their second album though. They started on it in 2005 and have consistently claimed it is coming ever since. New artists who have debuted since the Avalanches last released a record, such as Danny Brown, have even commented about working on the elusive album. A demo from the album came out in August, which marks one whole song since 2000.

2. Peter Gabriel, I/O

Peter Gabriel's last album of new material came out in 2002. Even then, that one was made up of ideas he had been working on since 1992. At least at an album every ten years, he was averaging better then than he's averaging now. Since shortly after Up came out in 2002, Gabriel has been promising to bring us I/O, which has been described in various different forms.

Finally, in 2011, Gabriel admitted he hadn't actually recorded any songs for I/O yet, but merely had ideas for songs, thus contradicting a previous statement that he had 150 songs ready for it. Then this year he said he had scrapped those song ideas and had begun working on new song ideas. If he can't get past the idea phase, do we have hope to ever hear this album? No.

1. Dr. Dre, Detox

Ok, come on, you all knew this was going to be No. 1. Dre has been working on Detox and relentlessly promoting it since 2001. He's also apparently been re-recording, scrapping songs, writing new ones, and scrapping those in some sort of OCD nightmare to make this the most perfect hip-hop album of all time.

And what about The Planets? That's Dre's "all-instrumental" record that he's been working on since 2008. Now far be it from me to question the good doctor, but if you can't finish one album in 11 years, you probably shouldn't start on another one and then put it off for four years as well. Especially when the results are as weak as the singles from Detox that Dre has dropped so far.

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