Bronzing the Garbage: Good Reviews of This Decade's Worst Albums

You've no doubt surmised this from previous articles, but poking around Metacritic is one of Rocks Off's favorite ways to kill time. Recently, we had a look at their list of all-time lowest scores, and were surprised.

We like to call music critics assholes, but we use the term "asshole" in a pretentious, namby-pamby, yellow-bellied way. A better word may have been "pussies", if not for its unfortunate sexist connotations.

Screw it. A lot of those clowns, men and women alike, are pussies. And here's why: they're too charitable. Well, not all of them. But enough of them to drive up the overall scores of terrible albums.

Do us a favor and try something real quick.

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John Seaborn Gray