Brookland, Put Your Injunctions Up

As was reported in Monday’s Turning the Screw, Lil’ Kim is being sued by recording company Brookland Media for failing to meet contractual obligations. We assume “looking like a nutcase” and “being not so relevant these days” were not the unfulfilled obligations in question because she’s pretty much got those locked up.

Rocks Off reached out to Houston superproducer The ARE, now working with the famed production team Trackmasters and on the Kim album in dispute. Despite our baiting, he wouldn’t say anything negative about anybody (damn) but he did offer a little inside perspective on the whole situation.

Lil' Kim, "Put Your Lighters Up"

“We started the album in October of last year, so, you know, throughout the summer she wasn’t really working on anything,” he says. “And when we set the offices and studio up in a new place we couldn’t get her to come work. I think it just came to the point where she was off doing other things and running and doing the party thing with artists and producers and, you know, after a little bit of time she wanted them to be involved and things like that.

"I think that’s really what it’s about: Kim wanted to change the direction of the album. When they started bumping heads she was basically saying, “If you don’t want to compromise, then I’m out. That’s when they hit her with the injunction.”

Maybe they should try hitting her with a rum bottle instead. Just saying, Da Brat seems to favor that over injunctions.

And just because it’s a good song:

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