Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift to Play Club Nomadic, a Venue That Doesn't Exist Yet

If you're one of those people who use the phrase “sportsball” to show just how little you care for athletic competition, Super Bowl week might not be the worst time to temporarily set aside your hatred for football. Not only are you going to have tons of commercials to talk about with your people on Twitter, but Houston is going to be jam-packed with music. And while Houston is full of venues of all shapes and sizes, it appears that some of the biggest concerts of that week are going to be taking place in a venue that doesn't exist yet.

Yeah, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift are playing in that empty field across from Silver Street Studios and Holler Brewing Co., but it won't be empty for long.

Club Nomadic, as the name suggests, is a “traveling night club experience,” which sounds like a fancy way of saying “pop-up nightclub,” but this is more than just a tent in a field or taking an existing property and putting up some fancy lights. While the eventual structure will be taken down and shipped to the next Nomadic Entertainment venture after the Super Bowl is done, workers were putting down concrete to give what will be a 62,500-square-foot, three-tiered venue a sturdy foundation.

It sounds like quite the opportunity for all of you Bruno Mars fans out there who thought you were going to have to wait until October to see the man in the flesh. Did you know he sold more than a million tickets in the first 24 hours the 24K Magic World Tour was on sale? So yeah, good luck getting these tickets when they go on sale Saturday morning via Ticketmaster.

Club Nomadic does provide the answer to the question we've had since AT&T announced that it would be bringing Taylor Swift to town for Super Saturday Night. No word, as of yet, on how to get into that show, so keep your ear to the ground.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.