Bullet Cell: Not Family Friendly, But Close Enough

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Sometimes you just need to, as the children say, rock your balls off. That feeling just gets into your brain (or your balls, we suppose). You want some guys to just beat the hell out of their instruments, preferably in at least a semi-ear-pleasing manner, preferably while wearing little to no makeup.

And that's exactly what Bullet Cell does. They strum and beat and yell and kick and you're all the better for it.

Bullet Cell is a mostly mysterious group. They have a Facebook page, but you're able to glean about as much information from it as you could how nuclear fusion works from a first-grader. So we reached out to talk about a few things, including how they got into a fight while writing one of their songs, what a bullet cell is and Malcolm Gladwell.

Rocks Off: : Tell everyone everything they need to know about Bullet Cell in exactly six words.

Bullet Cell, "Anybody There"

Bullet Cell: We will rock your faces off... final answer!

RO: Can you talk a little about what was going on when you all made "Battles"? Did you want to murder someone? That's our guess.

BC: Yeah, we wanted to kill each other one day so Jay, Reed, Rocco and I passed the microphone around and co-wrote the tune. It ended in a fist fight but we got a good song out of it.

RO: Oh, and since you mention it in that particular song, can you please explain exactly what a bullet cell is? It's not related to Microsoft Excel or anything, is it?

BC: Our lead guitarist Rocco actually thought of the name. I just thought it sounded cool. But the meaning behind it to me is that, We believe our minds and words are a dangerous set of weapons -our words being bullets, our minds being the cell.

A bullet is just an object, but with the right momentum the impact can affect something dramatically. We do apologize for choosing a name you couldn't Google, but we like that.

RO: Malcolm Gladwell says that you need 10,000 hours of practice at something to be proficient at it. We suspect he's at hour one of Brushing His Hair practice. How many hours of practice have you all registered?

BC [laughs]: I think you're right. Well, we don't live in our practice studio like some of our buddies do, but I'm sure we'd all like to practice like we do. I'd say all together we're at a bazillion hours. Actually, we meet up any time of the week we can. Any and every ounce of free time is dedicated to our music in one way or another. Oh, and we don't call it practice, we "Perform" without an audience.

RO: We're often lambasted by the wife for playing music for our sons that she classifies as "inappropriate." She made that assessment for your "My Kind of Woman," despite the fact that it was the radio cut. Do you agree? And would you mind arguing your point directly to her for us? Thanks. Oh, and she carries a medium-sized knife in her bag. Don't let her get to it.

Bullet Cell, "My Kind of Woman (Radio Edit)"

BC: A knife in her bag?! Now that's just what we're talkin' about; the sweet concerned wife and mom yet still ready to throw down in a knife fight. Now that must be your kind of woman.

Honestly, we cant compare parenting skills yet. We don't own any kids, but inappropriate is a little harsh considering there is only one bad word in the whole song. But we put all we had into that one [laughs]. But kids definitely should stay away from vulgar lyrics, for everything else deemed inappropriate they are bound to experience it eventually.

RO: You've got a fairly big show this weekend. Someone is on the fence about whether or not they should go check you all out. What do you say to them to convince them to come?

Bullet Cell, "Model Looks"

BC: We make sure we do all we can to get them going..support is the most important thing. We eliminate the reasons why they cant: Don't have a date? One of us will be your date. But If you're a guy, you're on your own, buddy, we cant help you.

Don't have a ride? Be one of our roadies and we'll pick you up. Cant buy a ticket? We'll smuggle you in, or claim you are our tambourine player. But if they just don't feel like going:

  • We'll threaten them with deleting them off our Facebook page. Seems to work.
  • Pull out the imaginary friend card.

Bullet Cell's first CD, a five-song EP, will be out this month. Get a copy. And go to their show Saturday at Warehouse Live.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.