Bumblebeez 81

Plenty of scribes have unloaded on The Printz, and it's easy to see why. This compilation of two EPs is often a mess, with Aussie provocateur Chris Colonna and one-named helpers such as Pia and Surya gleefully engaging in unnatural acts of rock, hip-hop and plenty more, without the slightest regard for common sense. Yet the chaos behind these theories often exudes a twisted charm.

Although "Pony Ride," a mélange of distorted vocals, clap-happy percussion and brainless hooks mixed by Mario C, is the chief attraction, this platter sports plenty of other amusing moments -- and if many of them are unintentional, who cares? "I Come with Water" overcomes its myriad weaknesses via eccentric pronunciation ("I come with wah-tuh to put out yo fi-yuh!"), while "Rappa" contains the inspirational verse "I wanna be a rappa / Not a ho backstage / At an Eminem show / Earning minimum wage."

Such moments make The Printz one of the zaniest discs to appear on a major label in years. Dance this mess around.

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