Bun B Has A Trill Tuesday At Greenspoint Meet & Greet

UPDATE (9:59 a.m.): Hip-hop journal The Source has just published its opinion of Trill OG, giving it the magazine's first five-microphone rating in more than five years.

Like Kanye West before him, Houston's beloved Bun B is getting to know this thing called Twitter. Tuesday, Kanye's fellow Twitter newcomer (follow him at @BunBTrillOG... that sounds like Bun all right) had one of the hottest hashtags in the South in #trilltuesday, just in time for Bun's new album Trill OG to hit stores.

Like Paul Wall did a few weeks ago, Bun celebrated OG's release with a meet-n-greet and autograph session at Greenspoint Mall's Music Depot. Rocks Off's man behind the lens Marco Torres reports that hundreds of people came out to shake Bun's hand, pose for pictures and buy the album before the rapper had to depart for a show in Dallas.

"He never lost his cool, flashed a genuine smile when meeting his fans, and made everyone in the store feel trill-ish by association," Torres reports.

Bun returns to Houston this evening for his "Trillionaire Affair" release show at House of Blues, complete with a live band. Rocks Off doubts that Bun's buds Young Jeezy and Drake, who appear on the album, will be able to make it to Houston - although you never know - but given the frequency of Bun's "special guest" appearances at other rappers' shows, he's no doubt called in a few of those favors for tonight.

Rocks Off will have a complete wrap-up of the show right here tomorrow morning. Until then, stay trill.

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