Screwston, Texas

Bun B, Rap Superhero, Feeds The Needy... And What Else?

Bun B is many things: Beyond-influential rapper, college professor, entrepreneur and trillman (totally just made that word up). But above all else, he's long been recognized as a decent, caring and wise person.

It's why any time his name is added in the tagline of anything good or worthwhile, it's always met with a "Yeah, that makes sense." (The opposite of how that works with Waka Flocka.) Which is why it was no surprise at all when the requisite PR email blast went out announcing that, for a second year in a row, he had teamed up with Boost Mobile to run a food drive to benefit the Houston Food Bank.

In addition to simply offering you an opportunity to feel good about yourself, he's also offering two free tickets to his show at Warehouse Live this Saturday to anyone who donates five or more cans of food. We recommend Rosarita's Refried Beans; those hoes are delicious.

Now, seeing as how Bun B is evidently intent on curing the world's ills, we sent out a mass email/text to a whole host of rappers, regular readers, Facebookers, homeless guys and Kroger's cashiers to see what hip-hop ailments he could lend his hand to next.

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Shea Serrano