Bun B's Birthday: "Murder" Still Kills

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Slim Thug, Lil O, E.S.G., Delo, hasHBrown, Medicine Girl, Mac, Chane, more.

Not Invited: Marcus

This Week's Prompt: King Bun B's birthday is today. What is the greatest Bun B verse of all time?

Slim Thug: "Murder." He murdered it.

RoderickVonn: Man, it's so many. "Pocket Full of Stones" [and] "Big Pimpin'" are probably what I would pick from.

Eskabel: "Murder."

Chane: I would have to say his verse on the song "Murder" off that Ridin' Dirty album. That was the song that made me a fan; first UGK song I'd ever heard.

D-Risha: Bun B's verse on "Murder" is his greatest verse ever. I still wanna know who Marcus* is, cause he shitted on him.

*This is a common mistake. Near the very end of the verse, Bun spouts, "You can't see me, mark-ass."

Medicine Girl: One of my favorite Bun B verses is the one on "Paranoid" with Talib Kweli. He's just too dope to name them all.

Delo: Shall we go through this again? "Murder."

E.S.G.: "Murder" or "Diamonds and Wood."

Mac: Every verse off Ridin' Dirty. That was that raw shit. "Pinky Ring," "Good Stuff," "Ridin' Dirty," "Murder."

Lil O: Bun's verse on "Murder." In my opinion, that verse made the East Coast realize the South could really spit.

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