Bun B's Seven Most Obscure Guest Features

From coast to coast, Bun B is one of the hardest working men in hip-hop. In the course of his seemingly century-long career, he's managed to collaborate with nearly every artist in the universe, including some you've probably never heard of. Walk with us as we unearth some of Bun B's most obscure guest performances for your perusal.

7. 50 Cent feat. UGK, "As the World Turns"

Before the Dr. Dre hits, before the Interscope deal, and definitely before the fame and fortune, 50 Cent was already talking tough alongside the Trill OG on this mixtape hit. The song credit is a bit misleading, as Bun is the sole-bearer of UGK's flag on "As the World Turns." Album: Guess Who's Back (2002)

6. The Kid Daytona feat. Bun B, "Air Born"

Chances are you've never heard of Kid Daytona (the MC) or 6th Sense (the producer). The Kid and the OG had the Internet going nuts over this woozy gem from Daytona's indie debut. Bun gets his mack on here, rhyming "Got a hottie with a body trying to hickie me." Album: Come Fly With Me (2009)

5. Rich Girl feat. Bun B, "24's"

This one did well among RichGirl fans. Some of those fans even loved "24s" enough to make a music video for it, replete with ginormous UGK logos and all. Still, I don't think you'll catch heads going, "Hey, remember when Bun B murdered that RichGirl joint back in the day?" Album: RichGirl EP (2008)

4. V.I.C. feat. Bun B, "Jaw Jackin"

Bun guested twice on V.I.C.'s album, once on the amazingly titled "Jaw Jackin'" and again on the Collipark-laced "Get Silly" remix alongside Soulja Boy, Polow da Don, E-40, Jermaine Dupri, and Unk. On both occasions, he slayed his verses with the enthusiasm of a new jack. Album: Beast (2008)

3. The Scoundrel Squad feat. Bun B, "Sister" Believe it or not, "Sister" actually charted on Billboard. However, the album that spawned it only managed to sell 40,000 copies, probably to friends and weed carriers. On the bright side, none of that would have been possible without Bun B's presence. Album: 4-Ever Gullie (2005)

2. Natalie feat. Bun B, "What You Gonna Do"

Bun B is no stranger to R&B collaborations; He's lent his services to Beyonce ("Check on It"), Ginuwine ("Trouble) and other well-known crooners. Unbeknownst to many, though, Bun also joined forces with Houston Rockets cheerleader-turned-R&B-singer Natalie on the single "What You Gonna Do."

Despite Bun's radio-ready verse and Natalie's prior chart success with "Goin' Crazy," "What You Gonna Do" failed to make inroads. Everything New only managed a scant 5,000 copies on SoundScan, thus heaving Natalie into the black hole of one-hit wonders. Album: Everything New (2005)

1. Self-Scientific feat. Bun B, "King Kong"

Khalil Abdul-Rahman (better known as DJ Khalil) is a criminally underrated sound architect who frequently works with Dr. Dre. Along with MC extraordinaire Aaron Johnson (aka Chace Infinite), they comprise the West Coast duo Self-Scientific. Although this underground sensation remains largely unknown to most, Bun B didn't hesitate when they invited him to serve up lyrical justice on their 2005 LP, Chance.

The first time Rocks Off heard "King Kong," we literally stopped the CD and stared at the track list intensely to make sure that the man "beating on his chest like Kong" was really B-U-N-B. Album: Chance (2005)

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