Classic Rock Corner

Business as Usual at Music Town CDs & Records, Since 1979

When James May unlocks the doors to Music Town each day at noon, his little shop on Stuebner Airline across from Klein High School is mainly filled with CDs, new and used vinyl and an enormous amount of cassettes. When he first opened the shop in 1979, the sign actually said "Music Town Records and Tapes," but he also sold 8-tracks -- which, at that time, were more trouble than they were worth.   People back then were still buying everything by Elvis, especially that Moody Blue album he'd made right before he died. Soon after that they'd begin lining up to buy everything John Lennon ever made, both the Beatles and the solo stuff. The Beatles stuff still sells, of course; on vinyl it's one of his biggest sellers.

That and Zeppelin, the Doors, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and anything metal. Kids seem to still love metal. Kids in concert shirts from bands I didn't recognize came in every couple of minutes mainly picking up or making special orders. Some browsed but most knew what they came for.

"I don't have a job right now, so my aunt is buying this for me so I'll baby-sit," said the young man picking up a special edition of Slipknot's first album.

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Creg Lovett
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