Busted! 20 Musician Mugshots

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Getting arrested and booked isn't the end of the world, by any means. Well unless you just killed a shit-ton of people at a bowling alley or something, it really is. But if you are a rocker or a celebrity who committed a minor offense, it's just a funny footnote in your public life you can look back on with a nod and grin after you pay off your lawyer and sign some autographs for your community service rep. Not everyone gets off that easy (that's what she said), with people like Motley Crue's Tommy Lee and rapper Lil' Wayne serving long stretches in the clink like the rest of us would have to. To be fair, Wayne went up for a drug offense and was used as an example, while Lee deserved every bit of time he got for beating up Pamela Anderson. It seemed to actually make him a better person in the long run, too. Mug shots capture people at their worst and most vulnerable, away from publicists and handlers to make them look presentable. Many have no idea what is coming next, be it career ruination or worse, so many of them look dazed and confused as hell. We collected the five best shots from the rockers, rappers, country pickers and poppers for your amusement. Hopefully this blog counts towards Rocks Off's community service he owes for what happened after the Motorhead show last September. We didn't know that mail boxes were flammable after you poured gasoline on them, and our apologies to that all-girls softball team from Plano. ROCKERS Billie Joe Armstrong: Soon after this picture was taken, for drunk driving, Armstrong lost what looked like 25 pounds and wrote American Idiot. David Bowie: This is the most goddamned dapper mug shot we have ever seen. It looks like Bowie must have stolen jewels or a woman's heart. He just stole ours. Jack White: What Jack White did to get this mug shot taken was pretty cool, beating up that dude from the Von Bondies. At least White went down for something cool that involved massive amounts of blood, instead of boring old drunk driving. Marilyn Manson: White and Manson look like twins in their mug shots. Manson put his crotch on a security guard's face to win this photo shoot. Scott Stapp: "My Own Prison" indeed. Maybe if he would have went to big-boy prison he would have gotten cooler tattoos. RAPPERS DMX: DMX is like the Ronnie Dobbs of rap music. Over the span of those six mugs, you can see him get more and more haggard, as life (arf arf) dogged him. ODB: We miss Ol' Dirty Bastard, who passed in 2004, gained an extraordinary amount of weight late in life before he entered the 37th chamber. R. Kelly: Dude looks pissed off in this picture. He looks like the cops had been taking the piss out of him. R. Kelly ikes to pee on children, by the way. Allegedly. Tupac Shakur: We often wonder what Tupac would be doing now. We don't think he would be putting albums out still. More than likely he would be on Lopez Tonight talking about his new shitty sitcom. Sorry, it's science. Snoop Dogg: The closest Snoop ever got to jail other than his handful of pot busts was filming Soul Plane. COUNTRY STARS Wynonna Judd: She just looks like she is going to the grocery store, not getting stopped for DUI. We always had a crush on her mom. Wynonna sorta has a Divine thing going in this picture. Glen Campbell: "Get off my goddamned lawn, fairy." He's chimp-like. Hank Williams Jr.: Apparently ol' Bocephus picked up a teenage waitress by the throat when she wouldn't give him a kiss at a diner in Memphis. Somewhere his dad is smiling passed out drunk in heaven with a giggling Johnny Paycheck. Former alleged Roger Clemens concubine has a handful of mug shots floating around. She looks like a crystal meth after picture. Remember when she looked like this? Johnny Cash: Aside from the Bowie snapshot, this is our second favorite. Haggard, drug-addled Cash, looking like a shaved Abe Lincoln. POP STARS Frank Sinatra:There's a joke here about crime syndicates and Italian-Americans, but we... forgot. George Clinton: Of course George Clinton was arrested for having crack pipes on him while sitting in his Nissan Sentra. Can you get any more glamorous? Smoking meth in an ice-cream truck? Huffing paint on a Huffy? Snorting speed in the bed of an El Camino? All in a weekend's work for Rocks Off. James Brown: The original old dirty bastard was arrested in 2004 for pushing his wife to the ground. He looks like a boss you would have to beat on a Mario Brothers game. John Mayer: If he would have been arrested for something worse, his body would have been everybody's wonderland. Cheap, cheap jokes. Yanni: Here's our boy Yanni after a domestic-battery beef. Can you imagine telling your girlfriends that? "Yeah, Yanni hit me last night. Yeah, Yanni. Hello?"

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