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Busted! 20 Musician Mugshots

Getting arrested and booked isn't the end of the world, by any means. Well unless you just killed a shit-ton of people at a bowling alley or something, it really is. But if you are a rocker or a celebrity who committed a minor offense, it's just a funny footnote in your public life you can look back on with a nod and grin after you pay off your lawyer and sign some autographs for your community service rep.

Not everyone gets off that easy (that's what she said), with people like Motley Crue's Tommy Lee and rapper Lil' Wayne serving long stretches in the clink like the rest of us would have to. To be fair, Wayne went up for a drug offense and was used as an example, while Lee deserved every bit of time he got for beating up Pamela Anderson. It seemed to actually make him a better person in the long run, too.

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Craig Hlavaty
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