There aren't many of them, first-generation punk bands that have stuck together and stayed punk. While the Buzzcocks were apart for a while, these Mancunians have their own footnote in punk history: While most punks would have never dreamed of singing about anything mushy, the Buzzcocks laid their hearts bare while still sounding tough. Songs like "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn'ta Fallen in Love With)" and "What Do I Get?" revealed that even the grimiest blokes on the dole had feelings, thus laying the groundwork for both punk-pop and emo.

With their latest self-titled album, founder Pete Shelly and longtime member Steve Diggle (both on guitar) join ten-year members bassist Tony Barber and drummer Phil Barker and prove that being one of the original bands of the British punk explosion does not make them dinosaurs.

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Eric A.T. Dieckman