BuzzFest XXVII

It’s hard to believe that 94.5 The Buzz’s now biannual BuzzFest is now 27 festivals old. We remember back in 1995 when we were begging our parents for tickets to the first one, featuring Bush, No Doubt and pop wizard Matthew Sweet. Interestingly enough, it was on that round of radio festivals that Bush front man Gavin Rossdale would meet his wife, No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani. Rossdale’s new Bush lineup is back and is on the bill for this BuzzFest, along with fellow modern-rock oldsters Staind, Everlast and Filter. The burgeoning, über-catchy Sleeper Agent is playing the side stage mid-afternoon, definitely worth taking a peek at. Houston’s own mighty thelastplaceyoulook is opening the main stage, a culmination of hard work and touring for the past four years. The band, buoyed by singer Justin Nava’s hearty growl — partly powered by his epic beard — is making waves on The Buzz with their single “A Band to Save Me,” which is getting heavy request love. A full-length from tlpyl is in its birthing stages now.

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