Can Music Fight Cancer? MD Anderson's Celebration Singers Think So

Earlier this year, we lost God himself Ronnie James Dio to cancer. Dio had been valiantly fighting the disease at Houston's own MD Anderson Cancer Center. Approximately 1,500 people in America die every day of cancer, but MD Anderson continues to find new avenues to help heal those afflicted, including music therapy.

In today's Video Of The Day, three-time cancer survivor Angela Rankin talks about how music and her experiences with the music therapy program at MD Anderson helped her through treatment, and shares the song she wrote and preformed with the MD Anderson Celebration singers.

"The video depicts my history at MD Anderson and the major forces which helped me know remission. Music was such a healing force for me. Whether it was the Gregorian chant during chemotherapy, rehearsing at my church for Sunday Mass, or singing with the Celebration Singers, music helped to push me through the years and continually lifted my spirits." says Rankin.

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