Can Rocks Off Withstand an Entire Hour of Sunny 99.1's Holiday Programming?

Since Thanksgiving night, local dentist office-core radio station Sunny 99.1 FM has been pumping out non-stop Christmas tunes as they have been doing now for quite a few years. It's a Houston phenomenon and an ominous bellwether for the coming holiday. You pretty much know when you can hear Vanessa Williams or Josh Groban pounding out stone-cold Christmas jams 24 hours a day that you probably need to start shopping for your chick and looking for a tree for the living room. Sadly, for Rocks Off it just means we start plotting our drunken Christmas-party itinerary.

Thursday afternoon, we buckled down and listened to the stations online audio stream for a full hour of awkward holiday bliss so you don't have to. Think of it as our public service. In fact, right now we are on the horn with our parole officer to find out if it counts as community service. We have an image to uphold, and having Michael Buble and Gloria Estefan soil our headphones doesn't exactly make chicks fall over with lust. We need to be compensated.

Here's how the hour played out...
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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty