Can You Tell the Difference Between Blue October Lyrics and Some Pretty Purple Poetry?

Everyone has their own way of coping when life isn't going the way they'd like. Some people pray, some people play golf, some people beat their kids. Rocks Off generally tends to turn up a Rolling Stones album real loud or seek comfort in the cozy confines of a bottle (or both). Some people write, while others write songs. Such is the case with Blue October, the platinum angst-rockers who return to their former hometown this evening for a sold-out show at Verizon Wireless Theater with Switchfoot and Ours, as well as Dallas civil engineer and poet Jeff Bresee. Bresee's new book, The Hidden Story, took shape as the author struggled to overcome depression and addiction - which also happen to be common themes in Blue October's songs. In fact, Bresee cites the band's music as one of his primary inspirations, and The Hidden Story contains the libretto for Bresee's rock opera The Miror's Glass, set to music by Blue October, Pink Floyd, Queensryche and others. Overall, it's pretty convincing - Rocks Off isn't sure we'd want to switch places with either Bresee or Blue October lyricist Justin Furstenfeld, but you have to admire the effort. All this heavy emotional stuff got us in the mood to play a game. We took excerpts from a few of Bresee's Hidden Story poems and some lyrics from Blue October's new album, Approaching Normal. Can you tell which is which? (If not, scroll down a ways after the last one for the answers.)

"Weight of the World" A blackout in the room again A busted lip and broken skin I wake up in the bathroom And dare not bother asking Why the mirror's cracked and all I see Are shards of glass inside of me There's voices there to dare me My father's here to scare me My mother sits beyond the door she's Curled up crying on the floor Look at what her son's done

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"The Worst" There's something worse than heartache Something worse than feeling used There's something worse than longing For the time before you knew About the one who has betrayed you... And left you in despair To sit and face the world alone And wonder as you stare into Your own eyes, will you fall apart And find out what I mean As you medicate the pain away And give up on your dreams

"Where Do You Go" Where do ya go When everything's wrong What do ya have When everything's gone Who can ya hold Who can ya trust Why should you try When dreams turn to dust How can ya see When everything's black Why should you wait When they're not coming back Give me a reason To go on from here I stand and I stare And I scream in the air

"Should Be Loved"
Stop staring, you're the reason I feel so unhappy all the time I've given you everything I know how Your standing on the top of my shoe Keeping me from gaining ground I'm sorry if you feel like I let you down Can you tell me what have I done so wrong To you Tell me what am I supposed to do "I should be loved by you That I know is true But I cant breathe when you're around!"

"Unto What End"
Is there purpose left in going on Is there something yet to find Uncounted days of rise and fall Have left me far behind What is the point in trying to feel What they tell me I should feel So long now in the dark I've been It seems that nothing's real I often sit and wonder What it's really all about Most times it seems a pointless game That's ruled by fear and doubt Yet other times the visions come Then everything is clear But none believe me so I'm left Alone year after year

"Kangaroo Cry" Losing my control Here it is the day I have to go Just sit beside me I can't let this show How sick I feel to leave you so alone God I'm terrified We've lost respect for decency When one can turn our world into an ant pile We run circles, no direction do I see The dust has blinded you, the dust has blinded me I kissed her on the cheek And then I waved goodbye She had the saddest look I've seen in years A kangaroo cry A warm pathetic ocean flow we have to live by We have to live by Because we have to live

Answers: "Weight of the World," Blue October; "The Worst," Jeff Bresee; "Where Do Ya Go," Bresee; "Should Be Loved," Blue October; "Unto What End," Bresee; "Kangaroo Cry," Blue October

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