Canada Day: Top 10 Artists From Way Up Yonder

Hello? Is this thing on? Rocks Off has a feeling that a lot of folks are nowhere near their computers today. Must be some sort of holiday.

It is, actually. Today, not Monday. It's Canada Day, or as it's known in the U.S., "What Is Princess Kate Wearing?" Day. (Also, Friday.) Honestly, Rocks Off can't believe we're writing this blog. Canadians don't even like guns. And how dare they have the gumption to give their citizenry free health care?

Luckily, they do like beer. Almost as germane to our premise, our neighbors to the north have earned their keep by giving us plenty of worthwhile musicians. Here are our favorites. If you're looking for Broken Social Scene or Rush, just go back to the pool. As one of the men below once sang, it's lonely here. There's no one left to torture.

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