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Canada's Whitehorse: "It's Just Roots Music to Us"

Melissa McClelland, one half of the Toronto-based marital duo Whitehorse, has a little bone to pick with this Americana thing. She and husband Luke Doucet operated as two independent solo acts before joining forces in Whitehorse. The duo picked the name Whitehorse, the capitol of Canada's Yukon Territory, for its Canadiana associations.

"We named our band Whitehorse as sort of a gentle response to the term Americana," McClelland laughs. "Whitehorse, even by Canadian standards, is in the middle of nowhere, but that resonates to Canadians. It is actually a great little town and a fun place to play music, so naming ourselves after Whitehorse is a bit of tongue-in-cheek Canadian humor. And us pushing back just a little bit."

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William Michael Smith