Canciones De Amor: A Valentine's Playlist En Español

Ahh, Valentine's Day. Another "holiday" based on a beautiful human emotion that was quickly corrupted by greeting-card companies, the flower industry and whoever invented chocolate-covered strawberries.

Yet at the core of Valentine's Day is the force that makes the world go 'round: Love. And what sexier way to express that love to your mamacita or papi chulo than with a few canciones de amor?!

So sit back, relax, and imagine that you and your honey are on a beach somewhere in Puerto Rico, sipping piña coladas and gazing deeply into each other's eyes.

Trio Los Panchos, "Besame Mucho": Pretty much every song by this legendary Mexican bolero guitar trio can be used to serenade your valentine. The song "Besame Mucho" is particularly amorous, and requests not just a simple kiss, but a long, passionate smooch, just in case it is to be your last.

Eydie Gorme & Trio Los Panchos, "Sabor A Mi":On this track, Miss Gorme offers her sultry voice as a passionate complement to the strumming of Los Panchos. She sings with a delicate tone that pulls at your heartstrings, ensuring that the listener (and her lover) is left with a portion of her essence , or sabor a mi.

Chayanne, "Tiempo De Vals": If you have ever attended or participated in a quinceañera, chances are that you have heard this song. Chayanne sings and waltzes with his princess, all while dressed as a pirate, a nutcracker, and a samurai warrior of some type. Whatever works, amigo.

Jose Alfredo, "Si Nos Dejan"A trademark song for Jose Alfredo, accompanied here by another legend of ranchera music, Lucha Villa. If they let us (si nos dejan), we will love each other forever.

Selena, "Amor Prohibido":Your Valentine's Day playlist is incomplete unless you add some Selena. This song is about overcoming obstacles to be with the one you love, something she had to deal with in her short lifetime. Rest In Peace, Selena.

Juan Gabriel, "Querida": Juan Gabriel knows a thing or two about love. He is one of Mexico's most prolific composers and songwriters, and "Querida" is one of his masterpieces.

That should get the juices running. You're welcome.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.