Candy Golde Set To Kick In Some Faces At SXSW Debut

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If there is a must-not-miss show for Lonesome Onry and Mean at Austin's annual springtime musical clusterfuck next week, it's Candy Golde at Club Deville, 11 p.m. Friday night.

A scary-good Chicago lineup of grizzled veterans - Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos, Wilco's John Stiratt, and guitar heroes Rick Rizzo (Eleventh Dream Day) and Nicholas Tremulis (Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra), the band's new eponymous EP is some of the most no-nonsense, kick-you-in-the-face rock and roll we've heard in a while.

Candy Golde also contains the wickedest Paul Simon cover we've ever encountered.

"Yeah, Simon's version of 'Boy In the Bubble' is almost a kinda counter-intuitive performance vis a vis what's going on lyrically in that song," laughs Tremulis. "We 'jungled' it up pretty good, gave it that Hound Dog Taylor, Johnny Winter approach."

So how does one put a supergroup like this together?

"I did a couple of acoustic writer-type shows with Rick Rizzo and we hit it off," Tremulis recalls. "So we thought why not work up a couple of things to play together, and that seemed to click. So we thought we should record some stuff.

"I played on an Autumn Defense track with John Stirratt and I played with Bun E. several times, so it was really just a matter of making a couple of phone calls. You can do that in Chicago."

Candy Golde, "Galvanize Me"

"Age has a tendency to weed out the assholes, they either die or go into real estate," Tremulis adds. "We've all survived the whole showbiz thing, now we're just people. We don't need a thousand lawyers to tell us when and what to play anymore, you know.

"So we just got together and cut five tracks down in a friend of mine's warehouse/studio."

Tremulis describes Ten-O-Nine as "an artist-friendly Chicago label" who took on the EP as a labor of love.

"We told them what we had and what we wanted," he says. "We told them up front we aren't going to tour, we want to put out a 10-inch, etc. and they were onboard right away. So we're going down to Austin and play some showcases during SXSW just to see if this thing has some legs."

So with only five songs recorded, what will a Candy Golde set consist of?

"We all went to our record collections and came to the table with a few choices, and it turns out all of our favorite songwriters peaked in 1966," Tremulis laughs.

Covers for the Austin showcases include "Hey, Joe," I Can Only Give You Everything," and Chuck Berry's "Round and Round."

"This was such a sweet project to be part of," says Tremulis. "It was just one of those records that just made itself. We just had to show up."

It's also some of the nastiest big-beat American rock and roll you'll hear all week in Austin.

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