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"Careless Stripper" Introduces Phootlong To The World

Rocks Off just found the video for the debut single by Houston duo Phootlong, for their song "Careless Stripper," directed by Maurice Edward, the pseudonym of rapper Cornbreadd. We just got off the phone with the director and did a sort of play-by-play of the video over the line, like a director's commentary you would find on a DVD.

The shadowy duo sort of resembles Houston DJ Dave Wrangler and rapper (You)Genious, but what do we know? Their cover of George Michael's 1984 single "Careless Whisper" tells the tale of an awful stripper who shouldn't be stripping and should be stripped of her stripping privileges. Also, Paula Abdul is featured prominently in photographic form.

The video was filmed at Francisco Studios off McKinney, and the main club patrons include local singer Lisa E. Harris and local media figure Matthew Wettergreen, who plays an overzealous customer.

Maurice Duhon, aka Cornbreadd, also told us about his upcoming political aspirations, which will be ironed out very soon.

"The man who created Cornbreadd, Maurice Duhon, is running for public office, but the rumor is that he will be announcing his intentions. Could be mayor, state comptroller, representative, maybe even President. Anyone who knows Cornbreadd and what he stands for, should find Cornbreadd and tell them that they are by his side," he said.

For now, stay tuned and be sure to check out Duhon's political blog, Political Abyss, to get an idea of where he stands in the political arena.

Phootlong - I Wanna Be a Hustler (Instrumental) by phootlong

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