Carrie's Back: Four Other Horror Flicks That Deserve Musicals

It was announced recently that Carrie: The Musical would be revived on Broadway for MCC Theatre's 2011-12, season 22 years after it flopped like the fish in Faith No More's "Epic" video. How bad did Carrie, based as you may have guessed on the Stephen King novel and subsequent film, flop? Well, they named a history of Broadway failures Not Since Carrie. That should sum it up pretty well.

But hey, times they do a-change. Look at the world since Carrie was attempted. Horror musicals for the stage are on the rise, with Evil Dead and Re-Animator both doing respectably well. Repo: The Genetic Opera and the film version of Sweeney Todd were certainly proof that the cinema audiences at least are hungry for blood and arias. Maybe Carrie's time has come again.

If Carrie is ripe for the stage, we can think of several other films we'd like to see get the Broadway treatment.

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