Cat Spokeswoman Voices Opposition To Justin Bieber

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The Internet and cats go together like nerds and a lack of sex, so much so that they have become the defacto spokespeople for all online phenomenons. Your daily VJ is totally unable to come down firmly on any issue until LOLcats have weighed in on the subject.

Now, Rocks Off in general has no love for Justin Bieber. In fact, we recently have been using his name as a euphemism for moving our bowels. Example: Prior to writing this article, we took a Bieber. And since we're paid to comment on the world of music, we felt pretty confident in our judgment of the banged one. But in our black, little hearts there was always the lingering fear that we were on the wrong side of history.

Thankfully, a cat named Sassy, star of the popular Cat Diaries, released a statement last week that expressed the feline world's firm support in the fight against Bieber fever. With the aid of our feline allies, perhaps a cure will be developed within our lifetime.

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