Catch a Sneak Peek of the Numbers Documentary Tonight

Catch a Sneak Peek of the Numbers Documentary Tonight

The makers of the in-progress Numbers documentary will screen about six minutes of footage tonight at the brand-new MATCH arts center in Midtown, part of a showcase of new projects sponsored by the Southwest Alternate Media Project. The film, officially titled Friday I’m In Love, has been accepted into SWAMP’s fiscal sponsorship program, meaning — attention, prospective donors who may have been putting it off — all future contributions to the film are now tax-deductible. The filmmakers have also set up a SWAMP-administered donation page to help defray further production costs, such as securing the rights to use any music they would like to use in the film.

Director Marcus Pontello and his team successfully met their Kickstarter goal of $40,000 back in March, but much work remains to be done, he says. This evening, though, will be the first time part of Friday will be shown in a theater-style setting, making him “excited and nervous.” They've been doing some good work; have a look at the trailer.

“This is my first film, so the process is grueling at times,” Pontello said via email Monday afternoon. “In my mind, I can envision the future of the film and where I would like it to go (while trying to be present and open to compromise and change), but we just don’t have enough material for my vision to [be] fully realized just yet.

“The right ingredients are there, though, and that’s comforting,” he adds. “I feel really strongly about the interviews we have done so far.”

Besides doing more interviews, Pontello recently sent out a call for both more photos and video from the iconic Montrose club, which has been supplying Houston audiences with alternative music through both DJ nights and live performances since the late ‘70s. He would like to have about three times the amount of materials he has received thus far, he says, but sending out appeals through the documentary’s Facebook page and a recent appearance on 90.1 KPFT only goes so far — getting the right people’s attention is key to the project’s ultimate success.

“Some local news stations I know have video from the '80s and '90s at Numbers, but getting to them has been really hard,” Pontello says. “Seems like anything prior to 2000 is really hard to ask for in terms of their archives department.”

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However, having SWAMP on board also means the film is now eligible for certain film grants only available to projects that have a fiscal sponsor. Having the Houston-based nonprofit behind the film is exciting, Pontello says, but so is his goal of acquiring more visual proof of the club’s “golden years.”

“The Kickstarter was a big boost in helping us, but we are trying to secure future funds because we know we will need them,” he notes.

The other projects being screened this evening are All Güt Things (director: Chase Honaker); Heel (d: Ruth Villatoro); Mickey Leland, A Man For All (d: Robert S. Cozens); SUPERNATURE (d: Scott Jones); and The Quiet Storms of Reform (d: Ben DeSoto). Admission is free, but reservations are required. The showcase starts at 6 p.m.; click here to reserve a seat.

Find out more information about Friday I’m In Love at numbersdocumentary.com.

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