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Catching Up With Sharks & Sailors

Sharks and Sailors last played in Houston in the summer of 2008, riding high on its second release, Builds Brand New, and the resulting accolades. The band--bassist/vocalist Melissa Lonchambon, guitarist/vocalist Michael Rollin, and drummer Phillip Woodward--took a much-needed break, but finally return this weekend for a show at Mango's with sIngs, Young Mammals, and B L A C K I E.

Rocks Off recently asked Rollin some questions about what the band's been up to lately, its new material and plans for a new album.

Rocks Off: This weekend's show will be your first since August of 2008, correct? Why the long wait?

Michael Rollin: By the time we'd reached August 2008, it was readily apparent we were in need of a break. We'd been going three and a half years straight without one. I think at that point we all realized we'd taken our set list at the time about as far as it could go. We still enjoy and are proud of that material, but we felt the need to have something new, and didn't want to be a band that plays the same seven or eight songs over and over again.

It takes a while to write and arrange new music, and during that period all of our time was eaten up rehearsing for upcoming shows. So we all decided to take a healthy break from that type of schedule. Looking back on it now, it's probably been the best thing for us. We're having a lot more fun now, and I think it comes across in the music. We often say it feels like a new band starting out again.

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