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Artist of the Week: Kyle Hubbard

Beneath the glitter and glamour, beneath the prestige and the wealth, beneath the chic and the debutantes but definitely above the lackluster and heartless and certainly right in the middle of the scrum, is Kyle Hubbard.

We've written about him before. Plenty of times. Plenty plenty of times (see above). There's just something likeably likeable about the middle-of-the-road workmanship he employs, the nondescript (but slightly pay-the-fuck-attention-to-me tinged) nature in which he discusses rap music and its subsidiary parts.

His fate is sealed: He will never be a rap megastar. But the fight moves forward. He is King Leonidas in glasses, Captain America without his shield. Which is why, today if never after, you should take a few moments to pay homage to the honor of futility by downloading the chopped not slopped version of his latest LP, You're Not That Special.

The tape has been mixed by Slim K, a onetime unspoken competitor of the Chopstars camp that has since been taken into the fold.

It is dreamy and ethereal and floaty and so on, as any slowed-down tape should be. But where this one succeeds greater than most, where it earns its way into regular airplay in your iPod/cell phone, is in its guts.

Hubbard's special brand of bizarro humblebrags is made ultra-trenchant when pulled into the muck, his anguish extra hearty when stretched into long noodles of itself. It's like watching a video of a kid brake his leg in a skateboarding accident in slow motion.

It hurts, basically to the point where it scraps up against squeamish, but it's undeniably appealing. You watch with squinted eyes, but you watch nonetheless.

Today is Kyle Hubbard's birthday and to celebrate he's giving you a tape that makes you think about kids breaking their legs. I'm saying, how can you not root for that? Or at least how can you not click the DL button?

Voila. Download the tape here. And follow Hubbard on Twitter at @KyleHubbardHTX.

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