Celebrating Big H.A.W.K.'s Legacy With Bun B & More

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Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday (or thereabouts), Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Bun B, Paul Wall, Lil O, Starchy Arch, Scooby, KAB, Mac,

Not Invited: We invited everyone. That's what H.A.W.K. would've done.

This Week's Prompt: Sunday was the anniversary of Big H.A.W.K.'s passing. What was/is your favorite H.A.W.K. song?

Bun B: "Chillin' Wit My Broad." It's probably @queentrillog's favorite song of any local artist and had heavy rotation at the crib.

Paul Wall: "They Scared." He was just so raw on that song. He was spitting some real G shit. Song would have boys wired up in the club.

Lil O: Don't have one. H.A.W.K. had so many hits it's hard to pick one Whoa.

Scooby: Roll up a blunt "Unda Hawk's Wings."

KAB: "Chillin' Wit My Broad" was one of the realest and pimp songs of our time. Not too many people can make a song like that [into] a hit. That's why H.A.W.K. is legendary.

Mac: My top H.A.W.K. song is "What's Happening Out Here" featuring 3-2 and Big Steve off his first CD. [It's] my top because they're speaking on real shit that goes on everyday in my hood. We used that beat on our last mixtape.

H.A.W.K. comes on with, "Real is real and fake is fake. Now follow my guidelines, don't make the same mistake. They say blood thicker than water. But how thick is yo' blood? Is it thicker than the mud that I'm made of?"

Starchy Arch: Easy one, "On Ya Marks" featuring me and the GRiT Boys. [laughs] Or "I'm Ready freestyle" with me off Incredible H.A.W.K. Volume 1. Just playing, it's not that easy. It's so difficult to choose only one. From the Grey Tape days, you got everything from the 8 Ball and MJG freestyle that he did with ESG to the "I Got 5 on it" freestyle.

Then comes the DEA songs, not to mention three albums with mixtapes coming out in between albums, in addition to crazy collaborations like the classic "Put Ya Hands Up" or "Down in H-Town" that appeared on various things. With that said, I'm going to break it down to a few categories.

Favorite Mixtape Song: "Freestyle tribute to Fat Pat and DJ Screw" off the Incredible H.A.W.K. Volume 1 mixtape

Favorite Album Song: "H.A.W.K." feat. Big Moe off Under H.A.W.K.'s Wings

Favorite Collab Song: "Playas Get Chose" off Lil O's Blood Money

Most Important Collab: "Wanna Be A Baller" off Lil Troy's Sittin' Fat Down South

Most Important Individual: "Chillin With My Broad" feat. Big T off the self-titled album

Favorite Song Of All Time: A mixed song on Incredible HAWK Volume 1 that mixed "Chillin With My Broad" and Fat Pat's "If You Only Knew"

With this being the anniversary of H.A.W.K.'s untimely death, it's important that we remember H.A.W.K. and Fat Pat. When me and the G.R.i.T. Boys had the pleasure of being on the road with H.A.W.K. and being around him on a daily basis the last five or six years of his life, that's what H.A.W.K. was all about; remembering Pat.

Ghetto Dreams will be fulfilled. R.I.P. H.A.W.K.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.