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Chane: Rapper's Late Father Was Partner, Mentor, "Maestro"

This is our weekly Artist of the Week spotlight, and a continuation of an interview with rapper Chane that was started yesterday in the weekly Ask A Rapper column.

Rocks Off: Were you ever of the brain that people might see the video as exploitative? For the record, we didn't feel that way when we watched it. But it's something that, if it got a ton of views, people would eventually accuse you of.

Chane: When I recorded it, I never had the intentions of using it for anything. I did that on my phone. I really just wanted to capture my pop breathing because I knew the time was coming when he wouldn't be any more.

I wrote the record, shot the video, and when I was going through the editing a voice just told me that it could be even more touching if I put that clip in the beginning. The last thing on my mind was if people would accuse me of being exploitative. It still is, honestly. My apologies.

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Shea Serrano