Check Out This Video Preview of Our "Washington Shore" Party

This past weekend, we took our esteemed new intern out on Washington Avenue to take some video of the area's native wildlife at night. We hope the video gives you a little taste of our "Washington Shore" party at the Washington Avenue Drinkery this coming Thursday at 8 p.m.. It's a free party, by the way. What we captured on Saturday night was stunning, hilarious and, at some points, twisted. Somehow everyone managed to make sense of the avenue, if not condone it outright. We spoke with a mother out on the town with her daughter's bachelorette party, Walter's On Washington bartender Roy Mata, and a teary-eyed Nebraskan who hit the nail on the head with a biting "o'errated" indictment of the avenue. Just watch the video. To give that last line a little more context, she had just gotten done fighting with her equally drunk fiancé/husband on the corner.

We have many more videos coming from the night, including a tornado of drunk girls busting the hatch at Rebels Honky Tonk, along with an unending parade of white people dancing like they had been tasered. Special kudos to intern Matthew Keever for his stealthy camera work in the face of much vomit (someone else's) and the sneering locals.

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