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Note: Right now we are very high on Houston chillwave/dream-pop auteur Chase DeMaster, sultan of the #veryjazzed empire, and his merry band of accomplices known as Children of Pop. Recently they headed off to give select East Coast cities a taste of the CoP flavors, hyping the second pressing of their "Pre-Madonna" EP, and we asked them to let us know how it went. They exceeded all expectations.

Sunday night Gabe and I boiled down our gear/clothes/merch into two backpacks. 2K15 motto, "Travel. Light." I couldn't sleep so I take some Nyquil (Drank) and jam on my new drone machine. It is a small box with three triangle oscillators (tone generators) with three knobs controlling pitch/frequency.

I show Gabe how it works and he takes it for a spin. We play a game of MTG*. He, my nostalgic sliver deck and I, my new knight deck. Knight deck is very quick and I take the game in 7 hands, 0-12. Fun. My wife Holly wakes us up with her morning-person banter/chants @ 4:30. Uhhhhh.

Gabe and I miss our layover in LaGuardia at the expense of a few slices +. We kicked it for about an hour as they have a shuttle from NYC to Boston every hour or something. We catch up on emails during the "Airplane mode" period. Sitting in an exit row, we are briefed/quizzed on our abilities as quasi-emergency personnel.

I pretend Gabe doesn't speak English and translate the attendants' monologue to him in Spanish. It's a bit. We take bets from each other on exercising our skills in blowing open the emergency door and hoping on the wing for kicks until the G-force brings us to drooling/giggling idiots. This is Gabe's first time to fly on an airplane. The sky between NYC and Boston is about as cold as it is on the ground. We land in Boston and we are lucky to find that conveyer-belt speedwalking system. We try different tricks...the stand, the moonwalk, the run.

We are watching some GBA** w/ Pokémon + chargers + tons of scratches on eBay. I'm ready to "Buy now" once we get logged back into the Matrix. We land in Boston having exhausted the plans we forecasted. It's like this, I never really imagined I actually be 28 years old. But somehow, I wound up here. Same thing with this trip. Gabe laughs capsulizing the moment/feeling with, "What have we done?!"

I quiz some employees about the cleanest restrooms + cleanest inner net. She tells me I am already in the inner net and the b-room is to the left. I like Boston.

Gabe and I get lost in the ones and zeros.

CityMapper tells us we are 149 calories and two hours from the venue (on foot).

O'Brien's is a bar with a stage/PA/sound guy/dirty b-room. They are nice. I think they think we are a punk band. I am wearing black. Ryan directs us to the $.35-wing hang at "The Draft." My imagination serves me right, and The Draft is loud, cheap and slow. Alex from Dear Face is going to meet up with us when he finishes his shift at the classical-music record store. He is a percussionist.

I reach out through my FB connect to inside-job a GBA. My man Josie comes through hard. He diagnoses me as a trainer as opposed to a collector and dresses me with a tailor-made system/story waiting for me once I return. YEEEEE!

Gabe and I are not feeling O'Brien's, generally speaking. We enjoy the Dear Face set with rad visuals from Alex's friend Emma. I think they are dating. They complement each other in a really genuine and innocent way. It is very becoming and fun to be around. After the show, Ryan hands me $11 and thanks us for playing. I thank him and wonder where the rest of the money is. Alex carpools us to his home and we share musical approaches and ideals till 3 a.m.

In the morning we grab an amazing breakfast together before Alex drops us off at the bus station. NYC bound. The next day I realize Alex is ironically a tea lover living in Boston. He made tea three times. That is the most punk thing I witnessed in Boston.

Gabe and I call the top bunk, back row, and we have that huge five-seat row all to ourselves. Gabe does a bit about how much space he has and spreads out like a starfish. He teaches me about the "whale fart" emoji algorithm and I use it in a text to my girl Holly. After we depart I get way too paranoid, pace up the walkway, find a responsible-looking adult and ask him "WHERE ARE WE GOING?!?!" He looks at me like I'm an absolute crazy and barks, "NEW YORK!!!"

I have a hard time believing him, but do try and digest. I go tell Gabriel, "Gabe! We are going to New York!" with a relieving tone. He's doesn't get paranoid like me. We talk about how we are going to use the inner net to send a million emails but we just fall asleep instead. We need it.

I wake up on the bus in a panic. "Did we sleep through the part where we are supposed to disembark?!" I use my maps to find out where I am and where I am going. I think I am okay.

Gabe and I waddle around Manhattan as we try and align ourselves with the tempo/BPM of NYC. We grab some sushi + desserts from a Whole Foods and refill curbside. Scared of the subway and too poor to cab, we walk for an hour to the Other Music record store where I am consigning some CHILDREN OF POP music.

I realize I have been here once before. In 2007 I sang Mozart's "Solemn Vespers" at Carnegie Hall with my college choir and I bought Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? from Other Music. I remember taking a biz card and thinking how rad it would be if my music was carried there. I give them some physical music and we trek to the venue. We play at Pianos tonight.

Next: The NYC gig, an old friend, the best sandwich ever (maybe), D.C., and a touch of homesickness.

* Magic: The Gathering ** Game Boy Advance

Children of Pop plays tonight at Fitzgerald's with special guests TV Girl and Sphynx. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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