Did not appear in 'UHF.'
Did not appear in 'UHF.'

Chron Confuses David Bowie With 1989 "Weird Al Actor"

Some Houstonians woke up this morning to some confusing news from the Houston Chronicle: "'Weird Al' actor dies at 69," the breaking news headline read.

Then they probably turned on the radio on their morning commute and learned that David Bowie, the iconic rock star, also died at 69, of cancer. You couldn't go 15 minutes without hearing one of his classics throughout the airwaves.

It appears that somehow, the Chronicle confused the legendary star with David Bowe, who acted in a 1989 spoof film written by Weird Al Yankovic called UHF, which is about a struggling local news station run by Weird Al and his sidekick, Bowe....who is still alive.

The Internet was immediately puzzled: On a thread lamenting David Bowie's death, a blogger named Steve wrote, "Weird Al died today too," to which someone frankly responded, "No he didn't."

"Sorry Frog-in-Law," Steve said, "I got a Houston Chron Breaking News alert that said "Weird Al" actor dies at 69, and then another one that said "David Bowie dies at 69...". I just assumed it was both of them that died."

It doesn't appear that the newspaper has addressed its strange screw-up, at least not yet. Thankfully, it quickly redirected the spotlight to the correct person.

Last week, Bowie released his latest album, Blackstar, just days before his death — and it appears Bowie had known it at the time. On the opening track, "Blackstar," about death, Bowie repeats over and over, "I'm a blackstar" — not a "pop star" or "marvel star" or a "gangstar" or a white star or a film star. And if this is Bowie reminding us of how he'd prefer to be memorialized, he unfortunately couldn't have anticipated having to say, "not the UHF star."

See our full obituary here.

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