Church Hymn Or Metal Song? You Tell Us

Rocks Off recently unearthed a bunch of old hymnals while digging around in our attic, and, coincidentally enough, we also unearthed a box of metal albums we'd meant to mail to the Backstreet Boys several years ago but never got around to it. We put the albums in our rotation and leafed through the hymnals and realized, hey: Thematically, these can be kind of similar. In fact, they can be damn near indistinguishable.

See if you can tell which lyrics are from an old-fashioned Christian hymn, and which are from a heavy metal song. If you're stumped - and we don't really blame you; they're a lot closer than anyone has any right to expect - don't worry; we'll post an answer key a little later on today.

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John Seaborn Gray