Chvrches Avoids the Rain to Hit White Oak Music Hall's Sweet Spot

White Oak Music Hall
April 29, 2016

“We’ve not been rained on yet,” said vocalist Lauren Mayberry, about an hour into Chvrches’ performance Friday night. “We’re crossing our fingers.”

And for the first time in weeks, the weather cooperated, allowing the Scottish synth-pop trio to comfortably serenade an overflowing lawn at Houston’s newest music venue.

A pleasant breeze wafted through White Oak Music Hall instead of the forecasted rain, making for a beautiful summer evening, ideal for an outdoor concert.

Mayberry did almost get blown off the stage by the strong winds, but she took only a moment to tie her hair up before charming her fans with a laugh and proceeding with the set.

But the forecast wasn't the only obstacle facing Chvrches Friday night. Mayberry told the crowd she was sporting a cold that had left her with only three-quarters of her voice. Still, she made the most of it.

“It makes the gig experience quite a lot more trippy,” she said of being sick. “There’s quite a lot of medicine in my face right now.”

But even though suffering a cold, Mayberry was able to summon plenty of grit to trek through Chvrches’ set, which included their latest single, “Clearest Blue,” and stretched all the way back to debut single “The Mother We Share.”

During “Empty Threat,” she hopped on the drums for additional percussion at the end of the song. And the band later showcased its softer side with “Tether,” during which Mayberry arrested the crowd with only her voice and minimal backing music for two and a half minutes before the song culminated in another dance ballad.

The front woman was hesitant to refer to Chvrches’ older songs as classics — “Time will tell,” she said — but the crowd didn’t seem to care what Mayberry sang. New and old tunes alike, fans were singing and dancing along to the Scottish trio’s signature brand of synthetic pop from start to finish.

And even if it had rained, the outcome likely would have been the same.

Never Ending Circles
We Sink
Keep You On My Side
Make Them Gold
Empty Threat
Playing Dead
Bury It
High Enough to Carry You Over
Under the Tide
Leave a Trace
Clearest Blue

The Mother We Share

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