Clan of Xymox

Whether Ronny Moorings and his band of goth pioneers are sporting the Clan label or not, there's no doubt that Xymox remains one of the most influential and exciting acts in the world of spooky electronica, going strong for 30 years now. The band's 1989 LP Twist of Shadows remains one of the staple albums in any self-respecting goth's album collection, and they continue to put out five-star works on Metropolis records here in the States. Next month their 13th album, Darkest Hour, promises to continue Xymox's ethereal direction without sacrificing any of the distorted, foggy guitars that defined the classic self-titled album. The music Moorings has let loose on the world over his band's long career grows ever gloomier, ever more melancholy, but its passion and fell energy are simply spell-binding live. Numbers continues to rise from the grave by hosting the darkest and the best from the world of goth, and Clan of Xymox promises to deliver Saturday what they always have: Bleak beauty.
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