Clearing Up What Happened At Roosevelt Lounge

It's been reported that last weekend, a group of people was turned away from Washington Avenue's Roosevelt Lounge for, according to the aggrieved, having "too many black people." Reports of exactly what happened have been conflicting.

Wednesday, the Houston Press spoke to two eyewitnesses close to the situation to get a proper account of what occurred that night. They told us that thus far, four things have been reported inaccurately:

1. Members of the rap group Drank were told they weren't allowed into the club early in the evening because of their group's racial makeup, followed by a similar incident involving members of the Houston Dynamo taking place later in the evening.

While the part about the group being denied entry because of race is true, according to witnesses that asked their names be withheld, Drank and the Dynamo players were moving as one party. The Dynamo's Tyler Deric, who would eventually be tasered, allegedly hit with a police baton by police officers and arrested, had secured V.I.P. reservations for the evening. They were all together. Deric is reportedly friends with members of Drank.

2. The Dynamo players were at the club at 4 a.m., two hours after the Roosevelt's reported business hours.

According to the witnesses, the entire ruckus lasted from approximately 11 p.m. to 11:40 p.m.

3. Deric, who was later charged with assaulting a public servant (punching a police officer), was being combative towards HPD officers, which resulted in his subsequent tasering and arrest.

According to witnesses, Deric "was off the property. The police came sprinting over like, 'Oh, this is our last chance to get him.' He had his hands up in a submissive manner. He was just standing there. They're trying to make it seem like he's this bad guy. He's not. He's a stand-up guy. In fact, that night he was the victim."

4. Dynamo draft pick Warren Creavalle, who was charged with interfering with an officer, was interfering with an officer.

According to witnesses, Creavalle did nothing more than stand among the crowd and record what was happening. "He was doing the same thing all of us were doing [recording with a cell phone]. He wasn't doing anything," one witness said. "One of the officers looked up at him recording and said, 'Get that black kid!' They didn't single anybody else out. We were standing there in shock."

Drank is not pursuing any legal action. They are, however, planning a "Fuck Racism" concert for this weekend on Washington. Event details will be posted here as they are made available.

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