Cloud Nothings

When the first lists of the best 2012 albums drop in the fall, Cloud Nothings' Attack on Memory will surely be a big part of the conversation. The Cleveland, Ohio, group led by Dylan Baldi has crafted a witchy mix of Weezer pop hookery, Nirvana scrawl and Dinosaur Jr. blitz. The group still gets lazily lumped into the lo-fi thing, but this newest effort is no aural shrinking violet. True it is that the band's past few releases — 2010 debut Turning On and last year's Cloud Nothings — were tinny wonders, but Attack pulls away the cobwebs and allows a better production job to really show what Cloud Nothings can do. This one would go well next to something like Pearl Jam's Vs. back in 1993, which we mean in the most enthusiastic way. It jumps out of your stereo — people still have those? — and makes a clamorous noise that will pleasantly surprise fans who have been there since the beginning.

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