Come See My Dead Person Gives Rocks Off A Spelling Lesson

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Each Wednesday, Rocks Off arbitrarily appoints one lucky local performer or group "Artist of the Week," bestowing upon them all the fame and grandeur such a lofty title implies. Know a band or artist that isn't awful? Email their particulars to sheaserrano@gmail.com.

There's a scene in Peter Jackson's King Kong--holy crap, the subtle "I have a huge dong" undertone in that movie title literally just struck us we typed that sentence; well done, Mr. Jackson--where Kong battles down three T-Rex's at once. It's remarkable. He just straight-up strong-arms all three of them, roaring and stomping and beating on his chest and whatnot. We saw Z-Ro at the photo counter at Walgreen's once. He did the exact same thing when his pictures weren't ready.

Anyhow, we mention this because Come See My Dead Person has to be the band name equivalent to that Gorilla vs. T-Rex scene. It's just an awesome name. Which is a small part of the reason that they're this week's Artist of the Week. Of course, the grander part of why they're AotW is because their brand of folksy, bluegrassy rockery might be without match in the greater Houston area.

So we reached out to the boys and asked co-lead vocalist/co-guitarist Mike Mejia about the name, their standout track "Mr. Rickety Bones" and what bands you shouldn't have wasted your time seeing at Summer Fest. Booyah.

Rocks Off: First, the name of the band is just great. Please tell me there is an interesting story behind it. And if there isn't, please just make one up.

Mike: The name of the band is a tough story to tell. I could probably show you better than I could tell you. Here, follow me to the garage. There's something in my trunk you should see.

RO: [laughs] "Mr. Rickety Bones" is probably my favorite song from you all. A couple of questions about it: It seems like you're talking about something important in "Mr. Rickety Bones," like there's an underlying theme in there or whatever. True or False?

M: True. The theme is that it is sad when your dog dies. Also, drink milk.

RO: The musical hodown that takes up the last thirty or so seconds, was that put in there specifically to make people want to speed through a small town while a somewhat clumsy and oafish sheriff haplessly chases them?

M: First of all, what are you, psychic? Second, who doesn't want that? Third, no.

RO: Is that the proper way to spell "hodown"? It looks like it's spelled way wrong; less like a something to do with music and more like something a pimp would smarmily say after he clocked one of his femmes.

M: I believe the correct spelling is "hoedown" but, admittedly, we do discipline our girls from time to time.

RO: Who were the three acts at Summer Fest that you absolutely, positively would not miss?

M: I am most looking forward to seeing MMW, Mix Master Mike and Perseph One --I could have sworn Golden Axe was on this bill, but I'm not seeing them.

RO: The three that you won't really try that hard to see at all?

M: Pleading the 5th.

See CSMDP online at www.myspace.com/comeseemydeadperson2.

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