WTF Island

"Comeback" Albums Nobody Is Really Asking For

Mark your calendars, fellow music lovers. June 28 will be a sales matchup that'll make 50 Cent and Kanye's 2007 album release square-off look like a playground brawl. The contenders are Limp Bizkit and Taking Back Sunday, who will both be releasing their "comeback" albums on the same day.

Of course, we're kidding... about the music part. Here's where we get a little confused - what makes these albums "comebacks" if nobody ever missed the bands? Who has been living their lives, working and contributing to society while genuinely wondering, "Man, what happened to Wes Borland?"

We guarantee you, the amount of people who have asked that question are probably also currently listening to a Bubba Sparxxx album in their car right now. Please don't fact-check us, because we don't really want to know how legitimate that information is.

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Allison Wagoner