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Coming At 4:20: Free Cypress Hill Tickets!

This afternoon at the weeding hour of 4:20 p.m., Rocks Off will give away a pair of tickets for Cypress Hill's Warehouse Live show Tuesday night on our Facebook page. You must be a fan of the page (i.e. "like" us) to play the game. What, you aren't already?

As with our Dead Weather giveaway last week, we will ask you three questions about certain things from the blog. Think of it as your weekly Rocks Off pop quiz, but instead of a piece of candy or participation grade, you can get a really wicked contact high if you win.

We can't promise that Farting & Whistling Man will be there to enchant us with his odiferous and clamorous presence, like at Dead Weather, but we can always dream. Hopefully there will be so much pot smoke in the air that it will mask his down-and-dirty natural funk.

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Craig Hlavaty
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