Confirmed: Trae And The Box Both Drop Lawsuits

Saturday, reports began popping up that Trae tha Truth, recent celebrator of Trae Day/Houston Press cover man/upcoming HPMA special guest, had dropped his suit against Radio One and The Box. Though no one from Trae's side has been available for comment - Trae did address the matter cryptically on Twitter yesterday - Radio One's attorney Victor Vital emailed Rocks Off yesterday evening to confirm three things:

  • Trae, who filed his lawsuit against Radio One and local hip-hop station The Box for what the rapper's lawyer described as their "attempting to destroy Trae's ability to function in the city," has indeed dropped the suit.
  • In turn, Radio One dropped its lawsuit against Trae. According to Vital, they were suing "for sanctions and attorney's fees based upon the frivolous nature of Plaintiff's claims."
  • No agreements or compromises were met, meaning the station's policy regarding Trae remains unchanged. The all-encompassing ban is still in effect.

Rocks Off suspects that this is not the last you hear of the ban, nor its residual effect. It's worth noting that, despite the inherent goodness of Trae Day, no major Houston artists showed up.

Trae also retweeted a message recently that he had been informed that he was now banned in all 50 states (above), though no further information has been released about that.

To sign a petition asking The Box to lift the ban, click here. Trae's aptly titled new mixtape, Can't Ban Tha Truth, is scheduled to be released August 24.

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