Confusion, Cancellations Alter Weekend Music Landscape

There's been some confusion surrounding tomorrow's Rockers vs. Mods Hustle Town Rumble - "Café Bikes vs. Classic Scooters Meets Rock 'n' Roll" - at the Continental Club tomorrow.

Rocks Off received a text message from Felipe Galvan of Los Skarnales early this afternoon informing us that Los Skarnales and Austin's Jungle Rockers will not be playing the event. According to Galvan, event organizers could not meet the bands' guarantees.

According to Sig's Lagoon honcho Tomas Escalante, the event is going forward, with doors opening tomorrow at 3 p.m., music beginning at 7:00 p.m at the 3700 Main club. Winbern Street will be blocked off for the event.

Based on a call to the person organizing the music for the event, Escalante confirmed the lineup includes Vatos Locos, Snit's Dog and Pony Show, The Octanes, Dykes on Bikes, Stangers Family Band, Paris Falls and Austin headliners the Ugly Beats. However, this doesn't quite line up with the event's Web site, so who knows for certain who will actually play?

The Mods vs. Rockers weekend kicks off at 5 p.m. today - as in now - with a registration/meet-and-greet happy hour at West Alabama Ice House, with music by Nick Gaitan & the Umbrella Man from 6-10 p.m.

Also, Austin singer-songwriter Damon Bramblett has pulled out of tonight's Anderson Fair song swap with local folkie Matt Harlan. In a Facebook mail, Bramblett informed Rocks Off that due to doctor's orders, he is not in shape for highway driving.

Bramblett injured his eye in a freak accident two months ago when a guitar string uncoiled when he was removing it from the package and struck him in the eye. According to Bramblett, who smoked Under the Volcano two weeks ago, "I had a doctor tell me earlier in the week that I would have a contact lens for my eye on Thursday or Friday and he failed to order it.

"Looks like I won't have one until Tuesday, and it just doesn't make sense for me to try and drive myself to Houston under these conditions."

Bramblett has just had two songs cut by Jesse Dayton for Dayton's next album.

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