Congratulations to 2008's Sammy Award Winners

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Favorite Live Act; Popsters; EP; 7" 2008: Wild Moccasins

A bunch of local musicians' Christmases got a little merrier Saturday night. At the everybody-loves-it Big Star Bar (nice fire pit, adorable kitty cat), scenesters from all quadrants of the city gathered to learn who would be going home with nicely framed certificates indicating they had come out on top in the 2008 Sammy Awards, sponsored by esteemed local music blog The Skyline Network.

"What a great party," Skyline pimp adr emailed Rocks Off correspondent Dusti Rhodes. "Aside from Beau Beasley donating his Sammy Award to the men's room wall, and members of Black Congress throwing B L A C K I E's awards in the fire in a fit of rage, the highlight would have to be that Big Star Bar had one of its best nights ever. Love that place, and glad so many new folks got a taste of it."

Rocks Off stopped off at Big Star to shake Skyline pimp adr's hand, but he hadn't unveiled the big board with the winners on it yet. After a mysterious 48-hour missing-time episode, the winners - including Buxton's A Family Light (above) for Favorite Full-Length album - are of course saluted on Skyline (with special comments by everyone from Keith Olbermann to the award-consuming Big Star fire pit). But they're also after the jump. 

Quietest; Favorite Solo Performer 2008: Elaine Greer

Favorite Live Band: Wild Moccasins

Favorite Band in the Studio: Buxton

Band That Blew Up the 713: B L A C K I E

Most Unfortunate Breakup: Fatal Flying Guilloteens (Note: Whether or not the Guilloteens are actually broken up is a matter of some dispute.)

Favorite Punks: Something Fierce

Favorite Popsters: Wild Moccasins

Favorite Rockers: American Sharks

Favorite WTFers: the Wiggins

Loudest: the Jonbenet

Quietest: Elaine Greer

Favorite Solo Performer: Elaine Greer

Favorite 7": Monocles/News on the March, "Halloween Party" split

Favorite Full-Length Album: Buxton, A Family Light

Favorite EP: Wild Moccasins, Diamonds for Constellation

Favorite Artwork: B L A C K I E, Wilderness of North America

Favorite H-Town Label: Mia Kat Empire/Dull Knife (tie)

Favorite Happy Hour Bar: Poison Girl

Favorite Nite Time Bar: Rudyard's

Favorite Venue: Walter's on Washington

Favorite Local Festival: Westheimer Block Party

Congratulations to all the winners. Rocks Off has a feeling many of them will be collecting even more hardware when the Houston Press Music Awards roll around next summer. Sah-lud! - Chris Gray

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.