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Connor's Corner: Texans LB Barwin Goes to Free Press Summer Fest

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There are few, if any, worse things that a performer can do than forget the name of the city in which they are playing. "Wanna Get Away?" It looked like the crowd was about to turn on them, but Fitz stepped up and did a three-minute, hair-whipping, feet-stomping, arm-flailing, game-changing danceathon to the song "Rich Girls."

The crowd was in the palm of his hand from there on out.

Other highlights included "Breakin' The Chains of Love" and the Eurythmics cover "Sweet Dreams." It all came to a head with their hit single, "Money Grabber," which had the crowd rolling from the start.

Right before the last chorus, Fitz directed the entire crowd to get as low to the ground as possible, even going as far as to individually call out any wallflowers who refused to participate.

Say what you will about the crowd theatrics, but when the last chorus hit, every single person in the crowd was jumping along to the beat.

Fitz genuinely appreciated the energy from the rowdy Houston crowd. He walked off the stage and gave a fist-pump worthy of someone who just hit a Michael Jordan-esque game-winning shot in the NBA playoffs. It was a Tiger-Woods-authentic-I -just-won-the-Masters-again-for-the-tenth-time putt.

Fitz killed it, and he knew it.

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