Cop Warmth Poaches Rocks Off's Artwork on New Cassette

"Jesus Sanchez"... sorry, Craig Hlavaty Rocks Off loves getting local tapes and vinyl in the mail here. That's not a cry for free shit or a sad call for pity. We just dig hearing new music off something other than an Apple product or a boring plastic round disc. That being said we just got in the new Cop Warmth tape from the boys in Chemical City. Craig and the crew even included a handy list of fun facts about the release, including its genesis from a live recording at the immensely fun Westheimer Block Party to being a gold-painted cassette tape in our little hands. The tape is split between the "Warmth" and "Aguante" sides, with the latter side recorded onto videotape during the band's guerrilla Block Party show off Taft. Their show was rife with fireworks, smoke bombs and general mandatory chaos, and frickin' awesome.

What struck us as odd about the cover picture was how familiar it looked. So we logged onto our Flickr account and - lo and behold - it's a Rocks Off original! The only problem is that it is credited to a "Jesus Sanchez," whoever he is, and not "Craig Hlavaty." This member of Rocks Off actually carries with him a harsh and peculiar Czech-derived last name. He wishes he had a name as simple as "Jesus Sanchez," as it would make closing out bar tabs easier than having to explain to bartenders and co-workers why that extra consonant is sitting there all useless-like. Go back in time and ask some goat herder in 1834 Czechoslovakia why he thought it would be a good idea to throw letters around like he's some sort of alphabet wizard. While you are at it, give him this sports almanac I bought containing the outcome of 50 years' worth of sporting events. Cop Warmth, Muhammad Ali, Black Congress, Pretty Little Flower, 50/50 and Dissent play 8 p.m. Saturday at the Todo Moto Warehouse, 2305 Lyons Ave.

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