Cornbreadd Weighs In On 50 Cent/Rick Ross Feud

How bad off is hip-hop right now? Sales are still in the toilet - only one rap record, Jadakiss'

The Last Kiss

, is in the current


Top 20 - and even Kanye West shooting his mouth off isn't that interesting anymore. About the only thing with legs these days is the 50 Cent/Rick Ross feud, which started back in January and, despite being a blatant publicity grab on both sides, is still pretty damn entertaining - lots of name-calling, baby-mama drama and, best of all,


. Most recently, Ross, whose latest album

Deeper Than Rap

just happens to come out today, told MTV he thinks 50 Cent is "finished" and would rather beef with Eminem instead. You know 50 and his pals ain't going to take that lying down. Sure enough, today,

H-Town's G-Unit delegate



, posted a video for his spelling-challenged track "Paybach Muzik." Cornbreadd accuses Ross and friends of, among other things, "jammin' Coldplay." Ouch. Rocks Off knows these rap feuds can get pretty below-the-belt, but that seems like crossing a line.

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