Houston Music

Cory Mo: Still Payin' Due'z Vol. III

The litmus test for a Cory Mo album is the amount of "...nice" moments it contains. Put simply, a "...nice" moment occurs when something happens in a song, be it a clever punch line or unexpected snare, that makes you go "...nice." Lil' Wayne has ridden his aptness for such moments to great success, but Mo has provided his fair share as well. Our personal favorite came on the Houston rapper, producer and owner of M.A.D. Studios' contribution to Devin the Dude's 2004 LP 2 Tha Xtreme, something to the effect of "I like my women wide, my chicken fried and GMC trucks is all I drive." Several more surface on his new mix CD Still Payin Due'z Vol III, though not always from Mo himself; "Fuk Wut U Thank" scores with a grumbling contribution from Wine-O. "Top Drop Dyne," a wonderfully wet track save a few puzzling mid-song scratches, notches a couple off Bun B's rat-a-tat flow, while "Slow Down" — perhaps the best of the bunch — is full of "...nice" moments thanks to Pimp C's syrupy storytelling. All in all, Vol. III isn't the best mixtape in Mo's arsenal (the original SPD retains that title), but it's a welcome addition.

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Shea Serrano