Courtney Love Helps Christmas Come Early

Not that it ever happened to Rocks Off growing up, but can you imagine turning in your wish list to Santa Claus a few weeks before Christmas and getting everything you asked for? The new Playstation, Star Wars toys, the go-kart, new little brother and signed Jeff Bagwell baseball bat, all under your tree.

That's how Rocks Off felt last night watching Courtney Love and her new version of Hole reel out nearly two hours of music. All was right with Love, the world and us. On a day that saw Lindsay Lohan explode into flames in a Los Angeles courtroom like a defective toy, it was nice to see another tabloid gal get her art and life straight and whip a crowd into submission.

A week ago, we wrote an excerpt of the review we wanted to write about the show on the heels of reading a tirade in the Washington Post, which after hearing from an actual audience member, didn't seem to be quite on point. Go figure that the music writer gets the tone of show wrong and it takes a sincere fan to get the real skinny. It made us wary of what we would see Tuesday.

But around 10 p.m., Love came out with her band in a haze of cigarette smoke, propped her left leg up onto a crate and with her Rickenbacker and made all of our previous fretting null and void. She wasn't a broken woman babbling into a mike, she was a human rock star - sadly, one of the last ones left, at least in the truest form. She was embattled, strong and erratic, but never losing sight of what rock and roll should be.

Every song came out one after the other like waves. Women in the crowd sang every song as the personal empowerment anthems that they were. Girls who grew up on Hole were in heaven, hanging on every song, reliving junior high and high school with each lick.

Couples, gay and straight, swayed together to the slower jams. When Rocks Off caught ourselves singing along to "Doll Parts," "I wanna be the girl with the most cake," out loud with everyone else, we realized that the show was sealed up, and that maybe we had just lost a piece of our masculinity.

We're still kinda pissed that Courtney never took us up on our Twitter offer to party with us after the show. Maybe it's for the best. Gotta save some energy for the kids at the Dallas Observer tonight. But if you ever need a guy to clean house or do dishes...

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